How to create a unique Halloween Pumpkin.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will have seen the pumpkin I made yesterday. I have twin girls, who love all things unicorn and princess like! They're into anything pink and girly. Not very halloween like, I know, however I needed to rise to the task of creating something they would love. When I was a kid, we didn't have pumpkins. We had a suede, which was hacked away by my dad, and a tea light placed inside. Now pumpkin creations have reached a whole new level, and i'd like to share mine with you.

Unicorn Pumpkin

Its a long time since I did art at school, so if I'm honest I wasn't entirely sure how this would go. Ha Ha! We went to our local town, where the kids choose what colour spray paint they wanted. I did think about letting them use normal water based paint, but I wasn't sure it would work, or how long it would take to dry. Im a busy mum, and I also had a princess party to organise that evening, at their request. So I needed to make this reasonably fast! They choose faux flowers, and colourful gems to stick on. I managed to get a cheap glue gun, and the owner of the shop actually gave me the unicorn head band for free! 

I spray painted our pumpkin metallic gold, and left it to dry for 20 mins. Then it was ready to decorate. The girls watched me, as the glue gun was hot, and I didn't want any accidents. I actually really enjoyed making this unicorn pumpkin. It was nice to let my creative side come out! I managed to decorate this within 15 minutes, and some battery operated fairy lights just added to the effect. You've got to admit if you love anything pretty, this would look gorgeous in your home. You don't just need to decorate a pumpkin for kids. Adults love them too! I also have some beautiful rose gold spray paint so I will buy another pumpkin and try something unique again! Im now feeling extra creative, so watch this space!

So whether you create something more traditional or put your own modern spin on it, it doesn't really matter. If your having fun, and your children are also enjoying the process, thats all that matters!

Donut Pumpkins

If your creating something to compliment your home decor, then try shiny metallics for a modern twist. White and pinks also look equally as pretty. Glitter, sparkly gems, or sequins will also reflect the light beautifully! Carve a design, and pop fairy lights inside, or carve out the middle and add fresh flowers. Adding pretty lights will add to that super cosy effect. There are no rules though. I hope you now also feel inspired to create something unique for your children or your home. Send me your photos! Id love to see your wonderful creations.

Sarah x


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