Things to do at Easter During Quarantine


Easter feels so much different this year. We are living in such uncertain times, and none of us have been through such a major disaster, on a worldwide scale, since the second world war. Feeling isolated in our homes, and apart from our families, is just one of the many challenges we have. Ive always loved Easter. Winter always seems so long, and Easter to me has always felt like new beginnings, We have always enjoyed springtime walks in the sunshine, and days out in the countryside as a family. This year will be different, however I think its so important for our own wellbeing to look for some joy, during these dark times.



Easter is one of my favourite celebrations of the year. Spring is in the air which brings a sense of joy and hope. As I try to avoid all of the sadness I hear in the news, I'm homeschooling my girls, and multitasking as best I can. Unfortunately we can't change what is happening in the world, but what we can do, is make things special for our loved ones. At times like this, I really look at my friends and family, and appreciate them so much. I look at our communities, and how we have come together as a nation to help others, and cheer on the NHS with such gratitude. Doesn't it really make you feel grateful for all that you have! 



Im a big believer in, life is what you make it, and its so important to enjoy the little things in life, and do what makes your heart smile! Life is about moments, don't wait for them, create them! Sometimes we have to think out of the box and get creative. Taking our focus off whats going on in the world, doesn't mean that we've forgotten or that we don't care. It means that we are instead purposely looking for the positive, and not only is that good for our own wellbeing, but also good for the people around us too. We must find light in the dark. 



This year more than any other year, I've really looked forward to decorating my home for Easter. Bringing in some cheerful spring time colour. Bright colours can have such a positive psychological effect on the way we feel, and been at home enclosed in our houses, I wanted to create a warm joyful atmosphere. So me and my twin girls have had fun decorating our Easter tree, dressing our window with bunting and cheerful Easter accessories. This week we're planning on making chocolate eggs, baking cookies and cakes, and making our own Easter cards to send to our loved ones. Also sending a thoughtful gift to those who may need it right now.




So with that in mind, I've put together a few tips to make this Easter as enjoyable as possible!

  • Start by adding some colour to your home. Beautiful fresh flowers and Easter decorations will lift the vibe, and put you in a great mood for spring! Go for pastel shades or bright colours of pink, blues and greens. An Easter Tree will add some seasonal joy to your home, and there are some beautiful Easter decorations you can hang from your tree, or get creative and use them as napkin holders. Add some springtime colour, with a beautiful Easter wreath for your front door. Wreaths are becoming more and more popular now, not just for Christmas but throughout the year, and they're a great way to add a splash of colour to your home. Make a beautiful window display. Not just for yourself to enjoy, but to spread joy to others too, who may be on their daily walk. 



  • If your feeling creative, you could make your own handmade cards. Get your children involved too. Theres nothing like receiving something handmade in the post, and you could really brighten up someones day. My children made rainbow cards for their grandparents. You could let someone know you are thinking of them by sending them a thoughtful gift. This will be so special for anyone who may be living alone right now. Have a look on Pinterest, theres so much inspiration which should help to get your creative ideas flowing! 




  • Now is a great time to get in the kitchen and bake! Whether your a baker or not, now could be a great time to learn or sharpen up your skills. There are lots of online courses and Free tutorials on Facebook and Youtube. Make Easter Sunday a joyful day, with afternoon tea. A selection of home baked cakes and sweet treats! You can even make your own Easter eggs using silicone moulds and melted chocolate. They're so simple to make, and fill with your favourite treats! Children will absolutely love getting involved in this too! Its a great way to have quality time with the kids and make positive unforgettable memories.


  • Help the children to make their own Easter bonnets! Many online stores are still delivering items to your door. So you could still look for craft supplies. Failing that, use an old sun hat, make flowers from egg box cartons to stick on and get creative. You'll be surprised what you have lying around your home.Have a good rummage and see what you can find! Look for inspiration on youtube. Use Easter decorations, buttons, pasta  and wool. It will keep the kids entertained for hours!



  • Organise an Easter egg hunt for the children! This can be done at home in your garden, or if the weather's not so nice, try just hiding the eggs around your home. The kids will have so much fun and you'll also find the adults joining in too. 




  • If the weather is nice, and your fortunate enough to have a garden, then make the most of your outside space. Have a picnic or do some gardening. Gardening is so good for calming the soul. If you have a large family, play games and enjoy some laughter. Share stories and reminisce on times gone by. Look at old photos and remember great times and moments in your life. We live in a world now, where technology is at our fingertips. So FaceTime your loved ones who can't be present with you, and make phone calls to the elderly. They'll truly appreciate this more than you'll realise!


 I have added some photos of my Easter table, and I hope you feel inspired to get creative, and gain some Easter inspiration for your home. I have gone for rainbow colours and pastel shades, with plain white, stylish dinnerware. I love the colour and the contrast. Its fun and vibrant with a sense of style! I think decorating your home at Easter really does add to the fun, and its something you can get the children involved in as well.





So you see there are no rules, this is your Easter and your precious time, so do what makes your heart sing. Been at home in quarantine, can be challenging, but it can also be a time to try something new. Maybe theres something you've always wanted to learn, now is a great opportunity to do so. Use your time wisely, and you might surprise yourself with what you achieve! The skills you learn now, could help you towards a more fulfilled life in the future. Just think of this time as a stepping stone, and take each day as it comes. Make the most of Easter and live in the moment, with gratitude for all that you have, and value the time you have at home to do things which light up your soul.



Sarah x

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