Limited Edition Friends Are Like Rainbows Plaque

Limited Edition Friends Are Like Rainbows Plaque

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This is the perfect gift to let your best friend know how amazing they are!

So many people are going through difficult times right now, which is why we have designed this in mind, to lift their spirits and let them know that they are special, and that they make a difference in your life!

A gift like this can be treasured for many years, and hung in proud display, anywhere in the home.

This unique gift has been expertly designed and each rainbow piece has been skilfully cut. The wood has also been beautifully engraved, with the words;

'Friends are like rainbows they bring hope in the midst of a storm'

Rainbows are a colourful symbol of hope and speak directly to our heart and soul.

This beautiful gift is a wonderful way to say Thank You to your special friend. Anyone receiving a gift like this, will feel loved and appreciated.

Each plaque has been handmade with love in England

Inside this natural wooden glass frame is a multitude of colourful stars, as a symbol of positive energy and protection.

Please note; Occasionally during transit, stars will move around and become fixed in other areas of the plaque.

Beautifully hand painted- Sometimes shades may vary slightly.

Each plaque has a blue backdrop with a colourful rainbow and shiny gold sits behind the word 'RAINBOWS'

A hook is located on the back for easy hanging.


20cm x 20cm

A Perfect Birthday & Thank You Gift!