My Story


 My History

My name is Sarah, i'm married and a stay at home mum, with 6 year old twin girls. We live in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire.  I am actually a qualified hairdresser and H.D Brow stylist with over 20 years experience. Ive also turned my hand to the beauty industry,  art, design and interior design courses. I worked as a style director in a busy hair salon and also had a managers role which consisted of ordering stock, keeping track or financial records and spreadsheets, and keeping the team and salon ticking over. There was also quite a big element of retail involved, as we sold high quality hair care products to our customers.  After 8 years i left to set up my own business as a hairdresser, and spent over 8 years self employed, with a fantastic clientele and a successful business, which I really enjoyed. Me and my husband went through I.V.F and were successfully blessed with twins! Thats when I decided to give up my business to be a full time mum. We had twin girls and moved away from our hometown in Redcar as my husbands job was based in North Yorkshire. I loved my new role as a mum and life was hectic the first couple of years especially living away from family.  


So what brings me here, you may ask! Well after having our twins we moved to Lincolnshire for my husbands work and being a stay at home mum, with 2 young children, living in a new area, in the heart of the English countryside, I found the days long! ( my other half works long hours! ) And although I'm always busy with my girls and absolutely love my new role as a mum, I felt now was the right time to do something for me, and be more in touch with the outside world. I felt with the knowledge of business which I've  gained over the years, and my passion for people, it was the right time to put something new and exciting into practice. Living in an area so rural I now understand the importance of buying goods online.   I have always had a big interest in fashion, home interiors and all things beautiful. I love to shop...but who doesn't?!  


After much consideration, my business experience, interest in fashion and my great eye for detail, i decided it was time to try something new. Combining all the knowledge I have as well as a job I can fit around my twin girls. After finding some fantastic wholesalers to work with, i set up a page on Facebook to trial some beautiful products. The response was fantastic so in October 2017 I decided to set up my own website. I love to know that people are gaining pleasure from the products I sell. Its just as lovely to give gifts to people as it is to receive I think,  and just knowing that I'm helping people to find good quality unique gifts makes me very happy! 


I have worked extremely hard designing my own website and learning as much as I can about the retail industry. I source all my own wholesale suppliers and handpick the best products which are high in trend and fabulous quality, and where possible handmade in England.


So what does the future hold?

I aim to please all my customers providing stunning products and exceptional customer service. I want to help you find beautiful unique gifts that you don't see anywhere else. Why? Because your loved ones are important. We only get one life, so give them the best, give them something special, something they deserve, a gift from the heart. I have a passion for people and love to help others. I am constantly aiming to grow and develop my business. Offering high standards and gifts to suit everyone. My goal is to bring you value! High quality unique goods, and my next step is to bring you a whole range of  gifts made to order which you can personalise for your loved ones including luxury handmade items.


How do we make your shopping experience different?

I understand how busy life can be for everyone. Juggling childcare, work, home and family commitments as well as finding time to see friends. How many times have you found yourself running around at the last minute, rushing to find the perfect gift card and wrapping paper? Then you need to find the time to actually wrap the gift! Been there so many times !

From the comfort of your home you can browse our fabulous collection, choose a unique gift and have it professionally gift wrapped by us, saving you the hassle!  Our website is designed to give you a great shopping experience where you can shop with ease, completely stress free, bringing you a range of stunning gifts for your loved ones.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and love what you see!  I look forward to bringing you more gorgeous gifts and home accessories as offering exciting new things in the new year!

Much love Sarah x