Daily Mantra Plaque
Daily Mantra Plaque
Daily Mantra Plaque

Daily Mantra Plaque

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Are you someone who wants to maintain a healthy and positive mindset?
Take control of your own mental wellbeing, by starting a new morning routine of daily affirmations to instil self believe, and a positive self image, which all contribute to better mental health.

Start your very own daily ritual of positive affirmations, with this beautiful wall plaque which reads;

'I am deserving of all the blessings that come my way
I believe in myself
I am beautiful I am kind
I have a purpose
I am loved I am wanted
I accept all of my flaws
I am strong and fearless
... but most importantly
I am unapologetically me.'

A beautiful wall plaque to hang anywhere in your home to evoke feelings of positivity and happiness.

Made from wood, featuring a hook on the reverse for easy hanging.


35cm x 20 cm

Would look lovely in a kitchen, Study, Living room or bedroom

Shabby Chic style plaque in grey

Beautiful Homeware.