Magical Fairy Jar

Magical Fairy Jar

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This beautiful gift will capture your child's imagination!

Simply look into this beautifully lit, sparkly jar, see your magical fairy, make a wish and your dreams will come true!

A Gorgeous LED night light which will also bring comfort to a child who is scared of the dark. 

Also a great gift for any child who may suffer with anxiety. Your child can speak to this beautiful fairy, and all their worries will float away.

This stunning gift features an ombre effect of pinks and purples. A silver glitter heart hangs from a beautiful hand tied ribbon. Inside this gorgeous light up jar, sits a magical fairy! A silver lid on the top of this jar reads; 'I believe in fairies'

This magical fairy jar creates the most amazing twinkle effect, and is so sparkly!

Popular with adults as well as children.

Beautiful for a bedroom

Requires 2 X AAA Batteries


Height; Aprox 13 cm.

Perfect for Birthdays and Christmas

Also an ideal present to give a child before the tooth fairy is due!